XRR (X-ray Reflectivity) Wafer Thin Film Metrology Equipment

Specular XRR (X-ray reflectivity), a related technique of XRD, is a widely used tool for analyzing the properties of thin films and multilayer structures. X-rays are scattered in a very small diffraction angle, and the electron density distribution characteristics of the film as low as tens of Ǻ can be obtained. Using the simulated reflectance mode, the thickness, interface roughness and layer density of crystalline or amorphous thin films and multilayers can be determined with high accuracy.


  • Determine Thickness, Interface Roughness, and Density of Thin Films and Multilayers
  • High-precision film thickness and density determination
  • Determination of roughness of thin films or interfaces
  • Measuring Wafer Thin Film Uniformity
  • Determination of Pore Density and Pore Size of Low Dielectric Coefficient Films